Full English Breakfast

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Turkey bacon, chicken sausage, field mushroom, tomato, beans and potato frittata - some may argue this is the best way to start your day!

Calories - 379

Protein - 37g

Carbohydrate - 34g

Fat - 10g

The full nutritional analysis of this dish, completed by Intertek, can be found here

Turkey bacon (turkey, water, salt, flavourings, sugar, dextrose, stabiliser: sodium triphosphate, yeast extract, preservative: sodium nitrite, smoke flavouring) chicken sausage (gluten free rusk, spices, potato starch, citrus fibre, mixed herbs) tomato, mushroom, potato, egg, onion, cannellini beans (cannellini beans, tomato, tomato puree, oregano, potato starch).

"This meal gives you a good source of choline - found in the egg yolks making up the frittata. Chlorine is vital for DNA synthesis and supporting a healthy nervous system. This dish also provides a great source of lycopene (which has beneficial effects in skin health and male reproductive health) and iodine, which is essential for thyroid function and also plays a key role in cognitive function in children."

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