Meet the suppliers

We use a variety of suppliers from throughout the UK; from large wholesalers supplying mainstream herbs and spices, to the smallest of game dealers when in season. 

Below are some of our true favourites and some absolute stars in their own field:

Kingfisher Brixham

Kingfisher are one of the top suppliers of quality fresh fish and seafood to the catering industry in the South. From their premises in Brixham, with a prime coastal position; they source, prepare and deliver fresh and frozen, fish and seafood; directly to our kitchen.

Kingfisher’s staff hold a wealth of knowledge and experience with many having grown up in costal areas so most have fish in their blood! Sourcing fish responsibly is paramount to their business. Kingfisher passionately believe in promoting the most sustainable products available and work closely with their fish and seafood suppliers, both mainstream and specialist.

Buckinghams Artisan Butchery

Over the last 15 years Damon has worked hard to perfect the art of butchery & gain as much knowledge as possible, winning a number of Nationally recognised awards and most recently representing Great Britain in the 2016 World Butchers Challenge in Australia.

Buckinghams aims to offer a wide range of top quality meat sourced from UK farms who they have built relationships with over the last few years ensuring animal welfare is top of the standards list. They specialise in Native breed Dry Aged Beef, Free range pork & poultry and Grass fed Free range Lamb, ensuring complete traceability on all products.

Just Kidding

We thought we’d better give some information about the new kid on the block. That’s right, kid (goat) meat has long been over looked as a healthy red meat but not for much longer…..

Enter Lizzie and Jamie. Based in Gloucestershire, ‘Just Kidding’ produces kid meat to the highest quality, free range and will be kept to the highest welfare standards. With a fast growing demand for goat’s milk in the UK, serious consideration needed to be given to the billy kids that are simply viewed as a useless by product. Kid meat is highly nutritious – lower in fat than chicken and higher in iron than beef!