We deliver across mainland UK via chilled packaging – check out our delivery page

We currently deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

DPD, our courier of choice, deliver within a 12-hour window. You will get a text and email confirmation of the delivery window on the morning of your delivery and you can track their progress via the link sent when your box is dispatched.

You don’t have to be in to accept the delivery and if you choose to download the DPD app, you can specify which safe place for them to leave your chilled box.

You can upgrade your delivery to pre-10am or pre-12am at checkout before confirming your order.


Yes! TTC use Woolcool insulated packaging for all distribution which, with the ice packs inside, will keep your meals at the correct temperature until you get home.

Find out more about the whys and wherefores of Woolcool at this link and this link.

No. Our meals are served in a paper-board style tray that can be washed out and popped in your recycling. Even the film over the tray is certified as recyclable. Date sheets on both elements can be found here and here.

Yes you can! You are able to return your boxes and ice packs back to us here at the kitchen so that we can reuse and recycle. It is completely free of charge to our customers.

For more information, please click here

All of our boxes are lined with Cemp Insulated Liners which are provided to us by Woolcool. Woolcool are a very ecologically aware company, and will always promote sustainability as much as they can.

The liners are made up of 100% plant fibre solution and are continuously rigorously tested to ensure they provide the very best in insulation.

Our meals

Yes! All our meals are safe to eat cold however please ensure that they are fully and equally defrosted before consuming.

All our meals are served in a paper board tray that are tested as oven safe to 240oC. We don’t recommend you reheat at that temperature – please follow the guidance on the side of our meal sleeve.

Unfortunately, not, however supply ethics are key in the choice as to which suppliers we buy from. We would love to only purchase organic produce however consistency of supply is key to our offering and this is a lot more variable with organic produce. We do however aim to work with as many British farms as possible, and those that don’t rely on intensive farming methods.

In a microwave, our meals only take a maximum of 8 minutes to cook from frozen. In an oven, please allow up to 35 minutes.

Full data sheets on all our meals are available in this section of our website here and each meal page has these elements within it also.

All of our meals are lab tested for their nutritional values. Typically, laboratories use the following calculations taken from their analysis to calculate total calories and this is how our meals are calculated. Online calorie calculators tend to use a more simplified method that excluded fibre.

Total Energy (calories) = (4 x protein g) + (7 x carbohydrate g) + (9 x fat g) + (2 x fibre g)

All of our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free and free from refined sugar and added salt.

We don’t specifically have any meals designed for these types of plans however we have a number of meals that would fit.