Customer Reviews


Knocked it out of the park again.

This Salmon dish is so good its actually outrageous. Packed with flavour. Delicious!

Loch Duart Salmon


Tasty Vegeterian Dish

Enjoyed this dish very much, lovely mushroom flavor and very filling

hearty mushroom ragu



I love tuna. Those geniuses at Transformation Chef have created a succulent and mouth watering tuna dish that is out of this works... and it came out of my freezer... yeah I can't get my head round that either!

asian-style seared tuna


Quality Product - Filling and flavourful. Probably one of my favourite items from The Transformation Chef. Absolutely tasty and full of flavour there is nothing that could disappoint.

Satay-Style Chicken


Delicious meal

Thoroughly enjoyed this, the beans were delicious as was the chicken.

chipotle spiced chicken


Delicious alternative

The beef is absolutely delicious, so tender tender and beautifully spiced.

Another great, balanced and convenient meal from The Transformation Chef!

beef massaman curry


Delicious meal.

This is absolutely delicious and nutritious meal. Combination of fish, lentils and chorizo are perfect. Definitely on my list to order again!!!!



Vegetarian Chilli

Nice rice and fresh herbs, chilli needed a bit more spice and sauce

five bean chilli



This is defo my fave of the vegan meals which surprised me because I’ve never liked vegan cheese alternatives but this one was so good I couldn’t even taste the difference to normal cheese! It was fab!

roasted cauliflower gratin


Wild about those thighs!

So I'll be honest... This is probably my least favourite of the Transformation Chef meals and it is freaking delicious!

Having been struggling to find convenience meals that were nutritionally balanced, healthy and not packed with sugar I have been blown away with the Transformation Chef team. These meals are great. Restaurant food in your freezer that taste delicious and allow me to stick to my healthy diet.

Wild Garlic Chicken Thighs


Delicious, definitely recommend

So tasty and fresh and love the combination of fish rice and spices

smoked haddock risotto


Wagamama who?

Chicken was really moist, Katsu sauce was really tasty and would give Wagamama a run for their money!

chicken katsu curry