Top Tips For A More Sustainable Diet

There’s no doubt that the nation is turning towards a more environmentally sustainable diet. Here at The Transformation Chef we believe that making small steps towards a more sustainable diet is something we should all be doing.
Some evidence has suggested that more and more people are expecting to eat less meat over the next five years due to the environmental impact of over farming. On average around one third of people across 11 EU countries are willing to cut down on their meat and dairy intake. This is a great start and a promising stat, however, it does mean that as a nation we need to become more clued up on where to get our nutrients from and how to eat a healthy sustainable diet.

One of the challenges we face is that it’s human nature to have an intention to do something which doesn’t always carry through to our behaviours. So the question is how can we make it so easy and so appealing to eat more sustainably to ensure that we really do follow through? Fear not, we’re here to answer this question and share our top tips:

1. Make it tasty!
No matter what your intentions are, if you’re not enjoying your food the chances are you’re far less likely to actually eat it. Ensure you’re getting creative with your flavours by using different herbs and spices (fresh and dried) alongside a range of different oils, beans and pulses.

  1. Focus on plants
    Traditionally we tend to highlight the meat or fish in the meal and serve the vegetables as an additional extra on the side. However, if we really want to eat more sustainably we’re going to have to focus more on celebrating the plants. Try serving up your plant dishes as your would your main. I.e. serve them on large platters, dress them with dressings such as pesto, tahini, peanut butter satays and finish off with an array of fresh herbs, fruits such as pomegranate seeds, lemon and lime wedges and a sprinkling of nuts and seeds.
  2. Shop locally
    Shopping locally isn’t feasible for everyone but if it is something you can do then we definitely encourage you to use your local greengrocers and butchers (when you’re buying meat) rather than reaching for the supermarket varieties. Here at The Transformation Chef we’re hugely passionate about where we get our produce from. Check out our suppliers page on our website for more information.
  3. Shop seasonally
    If shopping locally isn’t something which is feasible then where possible try to shop seasonally. Eating foods in season is a great to try to limit the carbon footprint of your diet as seasonal produce is often found in the UK or from regions closer to it.
  4. Opt for quality over quantity
    Eating a more environmentally friendly diet does not mean you have to abstain from all meat, fish and dairy. However, where possible you’re best to reduce your meat, fish and dairy consumption and purchase those of higher quality for the times you are going to consume these foods. Opt for free range, organic poultry, grass fed meat and organic eggs and dairy if you can.
  5. Switch your dairy milk for plant alternatives
    This is a simple and easy switch which shouldn’t impact your diet too drastically. Where you can remember to opt for fortified plant milks to help reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies.
    There you have some top tips for supporting a more sustainable diet. This is such a hot topic at the moment, it’s important to remember that you should go at your own pace and avoid competing with others. It’s also a hugely emotive topic for some people so try to keep your views to yourself when others are doing things differently.