Starting A New Plan For The New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, you may be considering setting yourself some new fitness or weight loss goals – we know we are! So we thought it’d be a great time to share some tips on how to approach this.

  1. Be aware of the extras
    You know that here at The Transformation Chef HQ we’re not pushy with weight loss although we appreciate that sometimes people want to lose a little bit of weight. We’re here to support you on how to do that responsibly and sustainably. So, be aware of any extra sauces, dressings and nibbles which you may pick out throughout the day. When you’re aware of your habits it’s far easier to nip these in the bud.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare
    Even if you’re not going to be meal prepping (which we will touch on in a later video) writing a list of all the meals you’re going to have throughout the week can be helpful for maintaining momentum and supporting your purse too!
  3. Avoid comparing your results and behaviours with others
    Naturally when it comes to diet and weight loss we all have our own journey. Some people lose weight faster than others whilst others take longer to start seeing results. It’s all normal and trust that if you stick at it long enough, the results will come!
  4. Don’t ‘save’ up food
    If you’re on a new plan or you’re trying to lose a little weight this year one thing you may be tempted to do is to ‘save up’ your food. This can lead to skipping meals and low blood sugar levels. Hopefully you know by now low blood sugar levels can contribute to increased desire for high sugar foods and overeating. So guys, don’t skip meals or save up food. Respect and honour your body by enjoying foods at the time you’re hungry.
  5. Set nutrition goals
    Setting goals can be a great way to stay motivated. These goals will look different for all of you but it’s not about cutting foods out but rather focussing on what you can ADD into your diet. Some example goals include:
  • Adding one portion of fruit or vegetable to each meal
  • Adding one glass of water into your daily routine
  • Trying one new food per week
  • Switching one meat meal for a plant focussed meal per week

Those are just a few examples!

Do feel free to share your targets in the comments. Sharing with others can also make you more accountable and may motivate others to try new things too.