Mood Boosters for Winter Months

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition each year it’s essential that we start to approach mental health with a 360˚ view.

Whilst drugs can be highly effective, we also now understand the importance of a healthy diet and key nutrients to support overall mental wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety and improving general mood. As winter has crept up on us and the days are shorter, the mornings and afternoons are darker it’s likely that your mood might fall a little bit lower too.

Fear not though, we’re here with our top mood boosting tips to see you through the winter.

Make sure you’re getting enough of the Vitamin D! 

Low levels of vitamin D has been associated with low mood. As the sun is not close enough to be able to synthesise vitamin D through the skin in the winter recommendations are to supplement. It’s suggested to supplement with 10µg.d per day. Ensure that you’re using a good quality supplement. We recommend the vitamin D sprays as they’re much more easily absorbed.

Load up on your fruits and vegetables!

The winter months are infamous for challenging our immune systems. High levels of stress around Christmas time can also compromise your immune function as your nutrients are depleted in order to support the production of your stress hormone. As a result you have lower nutrient levels which can support your immune function so you’re more likely to get run down. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamin C which is well-known for it’s role in immune function.

Eat your Brazil nuts!

Similarly to vitamin C, selenium also plays a crucial role on supporting your immune health. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium as is shellfish, meats and cottage cheese too! Remember your portion size though, one serving of Brazil nuts is around 25g.

SAD light 

As low mood is common during the winter due to low levels of serotonin. Natural daylight is a key element to the production of serotonin (aka the happy hormone) and therefore with darker mornings and afternoons this means that not as much serotonin is being produced. SAD lamps are designed to emit natural light therefore increasing your exposure and in turn raising your serotonin levels.

Get Moving

You don’t necessarily have to spend hours walking in the rain or pounding it out in the gym but a simple bedtime yoga routine or dance around the kitchen helps to release feel good endorphins, lift up your energy levels and leaving you feeling marvellous.

Looking after yourself is particularly important all year around although even more important during the winter when there are so many factors which can predispose you to experiencing a lower mood than normal. Remember if it ever gets too much it’s ok to say no and prioritise yourself first!

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