Healthier Lunches For The Summer School Holidays

When it comes to feeding the children over the summer holidays it can be a real struggle to cook three meals a day. As a result, it can be tempting to throw some oven chips and nuggets into the oven for lunch. Although, providing your children with nutrient dense, healthy foods doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you think. Below are our top tips for quick easy lunches!


1. Utilise Eggs Eggs are a super quick lunch, we often think of eggs on toast as a breakfast food but there’s nothing stopping you whipping up a batch of scrambled eggs and throwing a few slices of toast into the toaster. Alternatively, a vegetable packed omelette with cheese is another filling, cheap and nutrient dense option too.


2. Wholemeal pasta with veggie sauce

Where would we be without pasta?! It’s easy, cheap and everyone loves it! Whilst it can be a really convenient option, try buying the wholegrain variety as it’s higher in fibre than the white variety. Additionally, if you are serving it with tomato sauce throw in some frozen peas, sweetcorn and carrots to help increase their micronutrient profiles and fibre intakes too.


3. Wraps If sandwiches are your go to, try having wholegrain wraps as an alternative. Make sure you’re filling it with a protein source such as meat, fish, eggs, beans or hummus and some veggies too. Wraps are relatively easy to make and so they’re something you could get the children to whip up themselves!

4. Stir fry This super quick option is a great midday lunch, it can be made in 10 minutes and if you chop the vegetables the night before you’ll be even faster! The great thing about a stir fry is that you can chop up all the veg for a few days and then mix up the protein sources. Beans and pulses make for cheap midday protein options.

5. Count on us! We’re here to make your life that little bit easier! Our restaurant quality, nutritionist designed ready meals are the perfect lunchtime option. Fill your freezer with our delicious, nutritious meals to ensure that you’re never caught short! Our meals are super versatile and we have something for everyone, whether you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan or a heavy meat eater, we are guaranteed to have something you will love!

Finally, remember being prepared is key! Try chopping up some veg the night before or even batch cooking so you’ve got more food for lunch the next day!