Finding A Healthy Approach To Healthy Eating

In light of Healthy Eating Awareness Week we’re talking about how to find a healthy approach to healthy eating. The truth is the hard restrictive diets simply don’t work, they’re unsustainable and can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing and your social wellbeing. However, not considering what goes into your diet equally isn’t so healthy so how do we find the #balance. This word balance is thrown around left right and centre and some may argue that it’s just not quite so easy to find.

As a result, we’re sharing our top tips for helping you to find your #balance. Remember this will look different to everyone, limit the pressure, forget the stress and focus on you.

  1. Forget the ‘perfect diet’
    It’s common to want to chase the perfect diet, but it really doesn’t exist. The perfect diet on paper may be one which causes you to feel restrictive, isolated and unfulfilled from your food. Rather than finding the perfect diet, try to find a diet which works for you. This can look different day by day, week to week. Naturally our nutritional requirements change as we go through different stages of our lives and that’s ok! Learning to adapt, try new things and listen to your body is the best way to find a way of eating which works for you.
  2. Balance isn’t about counteracting behaviour
    Balance is commonly misunderstood to mean eat a doughnut and then go and pound out a gym session. When we’re talking about balance we’re talking about finding a state of equilibrium where you’re happy and content. Balance could look like taking a few weeks off the gym, switching heavy workout sessions for walking and light yoga, eating a nutrient dense diet whilst equally enjoying a bar of chocolate every now and again. It’s not about running off your food.
  3. Find things which make you feel good

There are so many personal factors which contribute to an individuals dietary choices. Our childhood memories, ethnicity, family, lifestyles and taste preferences are just some of the many factors which contribute to dietary choices. Thinking about all of these factors can explain exactly why different dietary choices work better for some and not for others. When it comes to your approach to healthy eating, find foods and cooking methods which you enjoy and which make you feel great.


  1. Cut yourself some slack
    Yes some days you’ll eat more cake and others you’ll eat more veggies. Remember that’s totally normal, your emotions can play into this too so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you find you’re beating yourself up over your dietary choices, this is likely to make healthy eating less enjoyable and more challenging.

If you are struggling to find your #balance below are some tips:

  • Ask yourself what you want to eat/ what you enjoy eating
  • Regularly check in with your energy levels
  • Write a list of things that fill up your cup (and make time for them)
  • Check in with your hunger and satiety signals after each meal

As always, you don’t have to nail everything at once! Good luck, this is your time to figure out your approach to healthy eating.