DPD delays

We really wish we didn't have to write this, but we'd rather you knew the truth.

We use DPD as the courier to send all our parcels by. When we (and any supplier of perishable products) signed up with them, we did so on the basis of a next day delivery and on the understanding that DPD will not accept responsibility for the cost of reimbursement of the goods sent. You also have to pay for the failed delivery, and then do your best to try and claim this back.

It's fair to say that for the first 3 years of using DPD, we had minimal issues. They really were good. The last 6 months have been different and we've had thousands of pounds worth of deliveries fail and the parcels destroyed. 

In recent days, the situation has got worse and DPD are accepting perishable goods on to the network, knowing full well that they have delays of (in some cases) 2+ days in certain areas. Various factors are to blame - Black Friday volumes, strikes by Royal Mail and others, and time of year, yet the plain fact is that they are still setting up small business like ours for failure given the acceptance of parcels to the network but no guarantee of delivery.

25% of the parcels we have sent in recent days have failed. We get no money back for these and either have to play delivery roulette again to re-send, or refund our valued customer. Either way, for one sale value we have double cost.

It simply isn't sustainable. We hate disappointing customers but we also cannot continue in this way - as a small family business we have mouths to feed, a home to heat and increasing bills to pay.

We are going to monitor the situation over the coming days but may have to make the hard decision to suspend dispatching orders until the situation improves.

We'd love to know your feedback, either by email on info@thetransformationchef.co.uk or on our Insta post.....

Chris & Rach x