Changes incoming

We have come to a stage at The Transformation Chef where we cannot continue as we are.


You will have seen in the news that inflation rates are at a 40-year high and that electricity prices are at levels not seen before. Then there are the higher than normal fuel costs and increased food costs to name a couple more things affecting us all at home.


Unfortunately, all of this transfer over to our small family run business – it now costs us on average 37% more to create one of our tasty meals or bulk packs that it did this time last year, and we don’t see this trend changing any point soon. Our electricity bill went up over 100% overnight last week and a popular ingredient, salmon, which was £14 per kg to us last year is currently £27 per kg!


Our process of manufacturing a restaurant quality meal, or quality bulk-pack has never been the cheapest. We know that. But we will never quibble on quality or consistency of our product.


We never want to cut corners and provide a lower quality product, so, unfortunately, our meals and bulk packs will have price increases from 1st October (our first increase in 2 years) and the delivery cost for orders under £50 will increase slightly too.


We’ll also be decreasing the range slightly. We have made this decision so we can maximise our output and minimise cashflow on our lesser popular dishes – we’ll still do periodic drops of these dishes but they won’t constantly be available.


In the scheme of things, TTC is a young business, and we aim to get through these turbulent times. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, KBK and Love Yourself were not so fortunate and appointed liquidators - both much bigger than our business and was a shock to many.


We appreciate that cost increases now are not what you want to hear, so we’ve got some quick wins for you….


Subscription – our subscription prices will currently not be increasing at the moment, so the discount will be even greater compared to the website list price.


This will only be so if you sign up to a subscription before the end of September.


Subscriptions can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc etc and can be skipped/paused/changed with a couple of clicks of a button.


Loyalty scheme – can’t commit to a subscription? No problem! Our loyalty scheme gives you money back for recommending a friend and simply just purchasing from us.


Click here for more info and save as you buy!


Increased order size – it now costs us over £13 in materials and courier costs to send a box to you! You can see why the numbers therefore don’t add up on smaller orders. If you have some extra freezer space, pop a couple of extra meals/bulk packs in your basket at each purchase and save the delivery charge on orders under £50. Orders over £50 have free delivery.


We wanted to be honest and open with you about our pricing moving forward. We have always worn our hearts on our sleeves, and we’ll continue to do so!


As always, we appreciate your continued support!


Rach & Chris


P.S. If you have any feedback, questions, or comments please send us a message via the chat function or on