Bank Holiday Eating

Bank holiday is the perfect time to enjoy with friends and family, however, it can be very easy to get carried away and overdo it on the food and drink front. We’re not suggesting that you don’t enjoy yourself or that you can’t have a few drinks but remember moderation is key. Below we’re sharing our top tips for enjoying the bank holiday whilst still considering your health.

    As expected you’re may be planning to consume a few extra drinks and shots over the bank holiday. However, staying hydrated between drinks can be really useful when it comes to protecting you the next day.
    Drinking a glass of water between each drink will really help reduce that hangover the next day. There is a common misconception that you won’t get as drunk, this really isn’t the case but it will help you to metabolise the alcohol better. Another note on the alcohol front, where possible try to opt for low sugar mixers such as kombucha, sparkling water and lime rather than the higher sugar alternatives.
    Consuming a nutrient dense meal ahead of drinking can also help to ensure that your nutritional status is replete. Alcohol metabolism utilises a number of nutrients and when your status is low it can contribute to further lowering your nutritional status. Additionally, ensure you’re having a nutritious weekend if you’re planning on consuming more alcohol than normal as this can replenish stores ahead of the next drink.
    Much like everything in life, moderation is important. Where possible try to engage in exercise a few times across the weekend to help you stay on top form and feeling your best. Exercise doesn’t have to mean smashing it out in the gym, it can simply be a gentle walk, online Pilates class or a casual run if that’s your thing.
    Whatever movement you decide to do will help to support your overall physical and mental wellbeing.
    Summer Bank holidays are all often about picnics, BBQs and plenty of food. As it can be easy to overdo everything, you’re best to decide which desserts you’ll enjoy rather than overdoing all of them. Additionally, where you can try to make your own cakes and desserts at home as they’ll be more nutritious and lower in artificial additives and ingredients.
    Your social health is equally as important to your overall wellbeing as your physical health. Therefore it’s important to remember that sometimes choosing foods which nourish your social wellbeing can be just as beneficial as those that nourish your physical wellbeing (in moderation of course!)
    Whilst we’re passionate about spreading a healthy message we’d never want it to be at the expense of your social or mental wellbeing so enjoy the glass of bubbles or slice of cake every now and again!

Ultimately bank holidays are for spending quality time with friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy it and have a great rest!